Thursday, December 17, 2009

A Sudden Interest in Super Junior

Dear Via,

I think I really get affected by my friends easily.
Recently, Hye Bin and Mari have been going on about Super Junior almost everytime they see each other.

And I got sort-of-affected

I'm NOT really in to it like my two friends are,(I have my interest in some other place)but I do think this section of entertainment is interesting.

By the way, my favorite member in this Boy-singing-group is Sung-min, who looks like this,

Ahhh!!!So cute!!!>//<

Hye bin's favorite is Hee-chul who looks like...

Well...I think the word 'pretty' fits here more than 'handsome' -_-;;;

Now, Mari's favorite is Han-kyoung, who is a chinese,

Cute and cool, I belive.

Ah...refreshment in my eyes...lovely

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Should I be happy or sad?

Dear Via,

The end of the term is almost over.
Also, the final exam is is coming close.
I even already took one.
Also, vacation is coming close.
I should be happy.

Actually, this shouldn't be a problem to worry about.
I read Taylor's post earlier and found out that I wasn't the only person who was freaked out by the approaching f***ing exams.
Actually, I don't like vacations either. A 2-3 weeks holiday won't be too bad, but more than that is stressing.=_=;;