Friday, November 20, 2009

Useless Questions

Here they are:

1. I have felt the flow of time when I saw a coin that was made in the same year as I was born.

-Nope.But I have thought that this is fate...

2. I have poured grape juice in wine glass and drank it just to creat a mood for myself.

-..Well, I have drank wine in a wine glass,yes

3. I was always jealous of older sister/brother who got more allowence.

-I was the "older sister"

4. I thought my zodiac year changed as I got older.


5.When I was young, I have seriously thought if I like my dad more, or my mom more.

-Nobody asked me

6.I have stood infront of the fan and made weird noises.

-Sure, that's the basic

7.I have held breath till the tunnel ended or made continous "Ah-" noise.

-A very unproductive thing to do, but I have tried

8. I was mistaken as the other gender.

-No, I haven't been that lucky yet

9.I have made towers out of books or coins.

-I used legos..

10.I have lined up few pillows and named them 'bed'.

-Hmmm...I have put a bunch of pillows, threw a sheet on and named it 'my house'

11.I have played spiderman by plastering the room with tape.


12.I have dated with a opposite sex for more than 100 days.

-Why would I?

13.I have killed bugs by taking off their body parts.

-...I'm sorry bugs

14.I get surprised by little sound when I'm doing something that I'm not supposed to do.

-Like, that's normal

15.A thing that I just bought have been broken.

-Yeah, a lot. I broke them ACCIDENTLY

16.I have sticked stickers on my things.

-Yeah, only I lost them right after

17.I have fought with a friend fisically. comment

18.I have recieved 10 dollars out of no where.

-In my dreams

19.I have gotten the question I guessed right in an exam.

-Actually, I did ^^

20.I have enthusiastically read children's book after I was in highschool.


21.I have broken glasses or lenses.

-Sure, several times, ACCIDENTLY

22.I have tried writng with a different hand and laughed pointlessly.

-I have, but I was quite serious at the time

23.I have made weird sound effects and played an imagenary stuff.

-Yess, especialy animals(seal)

24.I have stored my candy jewel after I ate the candy.

-No, because I always broke them, ACCIDENTLY

25.I have been thriled when I got the questions that were given in a television quiz show.

-Never watched them

26.I have studied for the finals only a week before.

-Normal life

27.I have read 30 comic books at once.

-Like, that's a madatory stuff to do

28. First food I ever made was a Labstar.

-First 'food' I ever made was watermelon sliced and dipped in water

29.I have had homeworks that was LOST before I saved it.


30.I have played with money, making strange shapes.

-Why would you play with money?

31.I have seriously discussed which side of the coin is the front.

-For me, it depended on the mood I was in

32.I have memorized more than 100 words at once.

-Is that even human?

Friday, November 13, 2009

My My

Dear Via,

I've just read the news and it's just,

3 million 9 hundred people died APPROXIMATELY in U.S. till now because of swine flu.
There's probably more.
And that's ONLY in U.S.
Oh dear.

In Korea, people are losing their head.
Recently, a 7-year old boy, who is the only son of a Korean actor Lee Gwang-gi, died because of swine flu.
Before I thought that swine flu was only something little more than a normal cold.
But seeing this article..chills..
What worries me more is that my brother has swine flu now...

While I wasn't coming to school for few days, I watched 2 Korean movies.
One was called Hae-un-dae.
It was a disaster film.
A great Tsunami hit Busan(the 2nd largest city in Korea)'s coast.
Another one was about weight lifting.
It was mostly about trying new stuff in hard condition blah blah blah
I cried while watching both of them.
I cried as if my parents died in the first one.

After watching these movies, I noticed that people die to easily, but try not to die at all costs.
Patheic, but natural, I guess.. people just dies like blowing out a candle light...

Friday, November 6, 2009


Dear Via,

It's this heat surrounding me.
I know it.
It's this sudden change of heat that's melting me around.
I know it.

I'm usually a kind of a person who prefers cold weather rather than hot weather.
Of course, the best is the middle weather.
A sun-less+cloudy+a little bit of cool wind = A perfect weather for Sally

I don't like the sun.
It's too bright and hot, so it makes me drowsy.
Just like nowadays.
I don't like the sky covered in dark,dark clouds, either.
It's too dark, which makes it very difficult for me to see anything.

I'm off the track.

Anyways, what I wanted to complain was:
1.I'm drowsy.
2.It's all because the melting weather.
3.Why is it so difficult to keep my eyes open during classtime?
4.>Respond to 3.< It was difficult to keep my eyes open even before. It's just me, I guess.
5.I now have 14 mosquito bites all over my body. Maybe this is why I'm really distracted right now. Mosquitos are one of my worst enemies.
6.Why do I feel sleepy even though it's only about 9:20 something.
7.I feel as if I have alot of things on my agenda when I actualy don't if I check it. I'm nervous.;;
8.Noooooooo------- it's weekend------/(ㅠㅁㅠ)/
9.Sleepy. So I might have to stop writing.
10.I'm a bit annoyed about writing diaries.I'm thinking about writing posts related to Korean culture or my hobbies.


Thanks to this site for the picture^^