Friday, November 20, 2009

Useless Questions

Here they are:

1. I have felt the flow of time when I saw a coin that was made in the same year as I was born.

-Nope.But I have thought that this is fate...

2. I have poured grape juice in wine glass and drank it just to creat a mood for myself.

-..Well, I have drank wine in a wine glass,yes

3. I was always jealous of older sister/brother who got more allowence.

-I was the "older sister"

4. I thought my zodiac year changed as I got older.


5.When I was young, I have seriously thought if I like my dad more, or my mom more.

-Nobody asked me

6.I have stood infront of the fan and made weird noises.

-Sure, that's the basic

7.I have held breath till the tunnel ended or made continous "Ah-" noise.

-A very unproductive thing to do, but I have tried

8. I was mistaken as the other gender.

-No, I haven't been that lucky yet

9.I have made towers out of books or coins.

-I used legos..

10.I have lined up few pillows and named them 'bed'.

-Hmmm...I have put a bunch of pillows, threw a sheet on and named it 'my house'

11.I have played spiderman by plastering the room with tape.


12.I have dated with a opposite sex for more than 100 days.

-Why would I?

13.I have killed bugs by taking off their body parts.

-...I'm sorry bugs

14.I get surprised by little sound when I'm doing something that I'm not supposed to do.

-Like, that's normal

15.A thing that I just bought have been broken.

-Yeah, a lot. I broke them ACCIDENTLY

16.I have sticked stickers on my things.

-Yeah, only I lost them right after

17.I have fought with a friend fisically. comment

18.I have recieved 10 dollars out of no where.

-In my dreams

19.I have gotten the question I guessed right in an exam.

-Actually, I did ^^

20.I have enthusiastically read children's book after I was in highschool.


21.I have broken glasses or lenses.

-Sure, several times, ACCIDENTLY

22.I have tried writng with a different hand and laughed pointlessly.

-I have, but I was quite serious at the time

23.I have made weird sound effects and played an imagenary stuff.

-Yess, especialy animals(seal)

24.I have stored my candy jewel after I ate the candy.

-No, because I always broke them, ACCIDENTLY

25.I have been thriled when I got the questions that were given in a television quiz show.

-Never watched them

26.I have studied for the finals only a week before.

-Normal life

27.I have read 30 comic books at once.

-Like, that's a madatory stuff to do

28. First food I ever made was a Labstar.

-First 'food' I ever made was watermelon sliced and dipped in water

29.I have had homeworks that was LOST before I saved it.


30.I have played with money, making strange shapes.

-Why would you play with money?

31.I have seriously discussed which side of the coin is the front.

-For me, it depended on the mood I was in

32.I have memorized more than 100 words at once.

-Is that even human?


Alisha Stafford Feitosa said...

Dipping watermelon in water? Is this a popular thing to do?

ViaPyon said... the time, I saw a tv program making a watermelon Hwa-chae, which is a thing that we eat during summer when it's hot. The real food was nothing like what I made, you actually have to slice the watermelon in to square, fill the water with ice and sweeten it with sugar of honey, which ever you prefer. You can add some other fruits as well. ^^
But you see, I was in first grade when I tried to 'make' it.^^;;