Friday, November 13, 2009

My My

Dear Via,

I've just read the news and it's just,

3 million 9 hundred people died APPROXIMATELY in U.S. till now because of swine flu.
There's probably more.
And that's ONLY in U.S.
Oh dear.

In Korea, people are losing their head.
Recently, a 7-year old boy, who is the only son of a Korean actor Lee Gwang-gi, died because of swine flu.
Before I thought that swine flu was only something little more than a normal cold.
But seeing this article..chills..
What worries me more is that my brother has swine flu now...

While I wasn't coming to school for few days, I watched 2 Korean movies.
One was called Hae-un-dae.
It was a disaster film.
A great Tsunami hit Busan(the 2nd largest city in Korea)'s coast.
Another one was about weight lifting.
It was mostly about trying new stuff in hard condition blah blah blah
I cried while watching both of them.
I cried as if my parents died in the first one.

After watching these movies, I noticed that people die to easily, but try not to die at all costs.
Patheic, but natural, I guess.. people just dies like blowing out a candle light...


Alisha Stafford Feitosa said...

This is a bit scary. So it goes.

How's your brother now?

ViaPyon said...

Oh, he fine now.
After the first and the second day, he was so well that I felt stupid.