Thursday, December 17, 2009

A Sudden Interest in Super Junior

Dear Via,

I think I really get affected by my friends easily.
Recently, Hye Bin and Mari have been going on about Super Junior almost everytime they see each other.

And I got sort-of-affected

I'm NOT really in to it like my two friends are,(I have my interest in some other place)but I do think this section of entertainment is interesting.

By the way, my favorite member in this Boy-singing-group is Sung-min, who looks like this,

Ahhh!!!So cute!!!>//<

Hye bin's favorite is Hee-chul who looks like...

Well...I think the word 'pretty' fits here more than 'handsome' -_-;;;

Now, Mari's favorite is Han-kyoung, who is a chinese,

Cute and cool, I belive.

Ah...refreshment in my eyes...lovely

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Should I be happy or sad?

Dear Via,

The end of the term is almost over.
Also, the final exam is is coming close.
I even already took one.
Also, vacation is coming close.
I should be happy.

Actually, this shouldn't be a problem to worry about.
I read Taylor's post earlier and found out that I wasn't the only person who was freaked out by the approaching f***ing exams.
Actually, I don't like vacations either. A 2-3 weeks holiday won't be too bad, but more than that is stressing.=_=;;

Friday, November 20, 2009

Useless Questions

Here they are:

1. I have felt the flow of time when I saw a coin that was made in the same year as I was born.

-Nope.But I have thought that this is fate...

2. I have poured grape juice in wine glass and drank it just to creat a mood for myself.

-..Well, I have drank wine in a wine glass,yes

3. I was always jealous of older sister/brother who got more allowence.

-I was the "older sister"

4. I thought my zodiac year changed as I got older.


5.When I was young, I have seriously thought if I like my dad more, or my mom more.

-Nobody asked me

6.I have stood infront of the fan and made weird noises.

-Sure, that's the basic

7.I have held breath till the tunnel ended or made continous "Ah-" noise.

-A very unproductive thing to do, but I have tried

8. I was mistaken as the other gender.

-No, I haven't been that lucky yet

9.I have made towers out of books or coins.

-I used legos..

10.I have lined up few pillows and named them 'bed'.

-Hmmm...I have put a bunch of pillows, threw a sheet on and named it 'my house'

11.I have played spiderman by plastering the room with tape.


12.I have dated with a opposite sex for more than 100 days.

-Why would I?

13.I have killed bugs by taking off their body parts.

-...I'm sorry bugs

14.I get surprised by little sound when I'm doing something that I'm not supposed to do.

-Like, that's normal

15.A thing that I just bought have been broken.

-Yeah, a lot. I broke them ACCIDENTLY

16.I have sticked stickers on my things.

-Yeah, only I lost them right after

17.I have fought with a friend fisically. comment

18.I have recieved 10 dollars out of no where.

-In my dreams

19.I have gotten the question I guessed right in an exam.

-Actually, I did ^^

20.I have enthusiastically read children's book after I was in highschool.


21.I have broken glasses or lenses.

-Sure, several times, ACCIDENTLY

22.I have tried writng with a different hand and laughed pointlessly.

-I have, but I was quite serious at the time

23.I have made weird sound effects and played an imagenary stuff.

-Yess, especialy animals(seal)

24.I have stored my candy jewel after I ate the candy.

-No, because I always broke them, ACCIDENTLY

25.I have been thriled when I got the questions that were given in a television quiz show.

-Never watched them

26.I have studied for the finals only a week before.

-Normal life

27.I have read 30 comic books at once.

-Like, that's a madatory stuff to do

28. First food I ever made was a Labstar.

-First 'food' I ever made was watermelon sliced and dipped in water

29.I have had homeworks that was LOST before I saved it.


30.I have played with money, making strange shapes.

-Why would you play with money?

31.I have seriously discussed which side of the coin is the front.

-For me, it depended on the mood I was in

32.I have memorized more than 100 words at once.

-Is that even human?

Friday, November 13, 2009

My My

Dear Via,

I've just read the news and it's just,

3 million 9 hundred people died APPROXIMATELY in U.S. till now because of swine flu.
There's probably more.
And that's ONLY in U.S.
Oh dear.

In Korea, people are losing their head.
Recently, a 7-year old boy, who is the only son of a Korean actor Lee Gwang-gi, died because of swine flu.
Before I thought that swine flu was only something little more than a normal cold.
But seeing this article..chills..
What worries me more is that my brother has swine flu now...

While I wasn't coming to school for few days, I watched 2 Korean movies.
One was called Hae-un-dae.
It was a disaster film.
A great Tsunami hit Busan(the 2nd largest city in Korea)'s coast.
Another one was about weight lifting.
It was mostly about trying new stuff in hard condition blah blah blah
I cried while watching both of them.
I cried as if my parents died in the first one.

After watching these movies, I noticed that people die to easily, but try not to die at all costs.
Patheic, but natural, I guess.. people just dies like blowing out a candle light...

Friday, November 6, 2009


Dear Via,

It's this heat surrounding me.
I know it.
It's this sudden change of heat that's melting me around.
I know it.

I'm usually a kind of a person who prefers cold weather rather than hot weather.
Of course, the best is the middle weather.
A sun-less+cloudy+a little bit of cool wind = A perfect weather for Sally

I don't like the sun.
It's too bright and hot, so it makes me drowsy.
Just like nowadays.
I don't like the sky covered in dark,dark clouds, either.
It's too dark, which makes it very difficult for me to see anything.

I'm off the track.

Anyways, what I wanted to complain was:
1.I'm drowsy.
2.It's all because the melting weather.
3.Why is it so difficult to keep my eyes open during classtime?
4.>Respond to 3.< It was difficult to keep my eyes open even before. It's just me, I guess.
5.I now have 14 mosquito bites all over my body. Maybe this is why I'm really distracted right now. Mosquitos are one of my worst enemies.
6.Why do I feel sleepy even though it's only about 9:20 something.
7.I feel as if I have alot of things on my agenda when I actualy don't if I check it. I'm nervous.;;
8.Noooooooo------- it's weekend------/(ㅠㅁㅠ)/
9.Sleepy. So I might have to stop writing.
10.I'm a bit annoyed about writing diaries.I'm thinking about writing posts related to Korean culture or my hobbies.


Thanks to this site for the picture^^

Friday, October 23, 2009

I don't know what to do

Dear Via,

I personally think human is a complicated being, and I think most people would agree with me.
We tend to think that what we can not prove does not exist.
I used to be like that.
Now I don't.
The problem is, now since I started to think everything is possible, EVERYTHING seems possible.
It exists, but it's just not happening to me.

To put this aside as only a simple day-dreaming of a 15-year old girl, it is haunting me too much.

All these (what most people would call)crazy imagination keeps on popping up in my head, and I gets my hopes up on something that other people would say 'impossible'.

What if there really is people with supernatural powers?
What if there actually is after life?
What if there aren't only one God?
We can't be so sure that the Bible is 100% correct-although some of the principles they mention is quite touching.
What if?
What if...

And off till eternity.
This sort of thinking does not only follow me when I'm awake.
At night, in my dream, all the questios and imaginations(if they really are imaginations)I had, comes into life.
I can't sleep, because I have too much stuff inside my head.
I can think, and actually hear my thoughts as we do when we are wide awake, while sleeping.
It's like having several eyes and only half of them sleeping at one time.

It's stressing me.
The problem is that I can't get back to life.
The major problems are this:
1. I can't focus during class.
- I either loose focus, or get too sleepy to stay conscious.
2. I become mentaly tired.
- This is due to lack of dreamless sleep.It also somewhat leads to number one.
3. Losing the will to do anything.
- I feel like a pudding =ㅁ=
4. I become easily irritated
- My mom scolded me 5 seconds before

and many more.

I don't know what to do....T^T

SAVE ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Saturday, October 17, 2009


Dear Via,
Music is wonderful, don't you think?
Our life can become so much beautiful with some good music.
Today, I played flute in the orchestra I go to once a week.
Today, we played as guest to a piano concert, and I think we did fairly well.
The music we played was the tango in the movie "Scent of a Women", and a song called "Between Calm and Passion".
I felt as though I was becoming hypothized by the music, in to an imaginary place such as an outer space filled with tiny, sparkling dust, or a fancy dancing hall for nobles.
I feel that music played well can effect a person's heart and emotion.
While I was waiting for my turn in today's performance, I could liston to the people who played the piano.
Of all the pieces I heard, One particular music touched me in a special way. Sadly, I do not remember the name of the music(I WILL try to find out later).
The music had a grave, and if I were to specify it as a color, grayish-brown but somewhat playful tone.
It felt as a comical tragedy to me.
It was special because I think of life as a comical tragedy.

Anyways, (I was going off-topic ;;) I believe good music played with emotions and passion into them can even make the listeners filled up with whatever the message it's appealing.

Actually, I so-tired now so I'll go sleep for now. Night!

p.s. By the way, one of the song we played was this:
Al Pachino-Scent of a Woman
here's the video

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Friday, October 9, 2009


Dear Via,

It's my birthday soon, it's my birthday soon~~~
Only four days to go-and it’s my birthday~>ㅁ<♡♡
Of all the people, I’m the type who gets all excited about their birthdays even though it comes every year.
Every year, shortly before my birthday, I tell myself not to get all excited about the birthday, keep cool, and act “adult”.
Every year, I fail.
I just get so filled up with emotions by the thought of being celebrated by whole load of people!!!
…I feel blessed. = v =☆
The day I was born in to the world.
It’s Special.
Like nobody else.
Just for me.
Loads of presents…

The good part isn’t all……

Somehow, around the date of my birthday every year, all the busy schedules throughout my whole year are jammed in to this time of the year.
Somehow, when it is my birthday, at least one friend is bound to be not able to come to my birthday party.
I guess the important thing is the fact that it’s my birthday, eh?

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Friday, October 2, 2009

Time flies

Dear Via,
I am astonished at how weirdly time goes.
Every day seems like the views we see outside of the window in a fast-moving train, but when I look back on the overall week, Monday seems like a month ago.
Now, the funny thing is that a month also evaporates in to the air.
Every day I have the same cycle.
Of course, not that I despise it.
I wake up at 6:00.
I take a shower, take any clothes from my closet, eat breakfast, brush my teeth, and take the bus at 7:00.
I always arrive late, so the bus picks me up last.
I sleep in the bus with my head resting on the lap of my friend, SQ (not the real name.) in the bus.
I arrive to school at 7:45.
I take classes.
Lunch at 1:45.
I take classes.
After school.
I ride the bus home at 4:30.
I eat a snack at 5:30.
I do homework.
I finish at 11’o clock.
I sleep at 11:15

I wake up at 6:00.
And so on.
Because of this cycle, I don’t have to think much throughout the day. I can move ‘on schedule.’
Sometimes this is really sad because I feel that I don’t have much human in me.
I guess this explains my reason of time slipping out of me.

I think week is long for me because I always wait for a day in the week.

Another cycle.

The easiest way of living.


Although it is often frustrating, I like my time flying cycle.


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Friday, September 25, 2009


Bidam is the son of Mishil and the King Jin-Ji. He is was born to be used by Mishil, in order for her to become the Queen. However, his father King Jin-Ji denied him and when Bidam was no longer useful to her, Mishil abandoned him. He was raised by Mun-no, who is the head of the Hwa-lang.
Bidam is my favorite character because his characteristic is somewhat like the Yanus. He has two faces in him. His good part, and his evil part. He is very sly in this moment and in another he is very serious and almost looks as though he is about to kill.

P.S. Look at his skin!! So clean!! ♡ㅁ♡

Saturday, September 19, 2009


Mishil is the bad character in the Drama Queen Seoun duk. with her beauty, she takes control over three Kings in the Silla dynasty and controls the country behind the Kings' back. She is very clever and knows how to deal with people.

She is the second best character I like because of her charisma. In this time of history(or even nowadays), it is very difficult for woman to be in the position of the leader. However, I like the way she is much more cleverer then the mens in the drama, and how she almost takes control over them.
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Friday, September 18, 2009

Queen Seon-duk

These days I am crazy about a Korean historic drama, Queen Seon-duk. This drama is about Queen Seon duk, who was the first queen in the whole Korean history, and her life story. The woman with the crown is the Queen Seon duk(Lee Yo-won).

Queen Seon duk, Duk-Man in the story, is a character who tries the best she can do for her goal and later on works for the benefit of the commoner.

Princess Duk man(later on Queen Seon duk) first decided to move against Mishil(the bad character-woman with the purple dress)when her twin sister princess Chun Myung (the pink dress) is accidently killed by Mishil.

Even though she is not my favorite character, I think she is a fairly likable person to get along with if Ihave as a friend.

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Thursday, September 17, 2009


Semtember 17, 2009

Dear Via,
Everybody faces difficulties.
I know that.
I face some difficulties too.
Everything just doesn't go the way you want and later you end up in a totally opposite place from where you wanted to be.
Decisions after decisions, it rolls down like a small snow ball rolling down a snowy mountain and getting bigger and bigger.
Scary, uh-huh.
It makes your life, eventually, according to what we learn in morality, and I agree.
It's just that you have to consider lots of things when making those decisions and mostly, they are not made purely by you.
Society always limits what you can do to yourself, and you practically suffocate in it.
I think I'm going to suffocate.
Life should be filled with joy.
Life should be filled with happiness and delight pouring out from every fiber in your body.
Sadly, it is almost entirely impossible for many many people...or is it just me?
De-pression, as Taylor and I(from now on I'm going to call 'Taylor and I' 'Sailor') always say.
I totally feel depressed -_-
Lack of enthusiam..
As Sailor al-ways say.
Life doesn't go my way(sigh)

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Asian history-Korea(Creation legend)

The Dan-kun Wang Kum (Dan-kun, the noble King)
The proper history of Korea starts from the old stone age where the first legend of the creation of Korea takes place.
The legend goes like this:
Once upon a time, when the tigers used to smoke(it's an expression in Korea for refering 'long time ago'), the son of the Almighty God spotted a land that looked good. he pleaded to his father the Almighty God to let him go down to the Earth to rule and teach people. The Almighty God allowed his son to go, along with his 3 followers; the god of the wind, god of the cloud, and the god of the rain.
The son of the Almighty God, Hwan-ung, became the king of the uncolonized people and taught them how to live in a more organized society.
One day, a bear and a tiger came to Hwan-ung and asked "Please, Please King Hwan-ung, we always wanted to become a human. Please change us to a human form."
After thinking a while, Hwan-ung gave the bear and the tiger garlic and wormwood and replied, "If you stay in a cave without coming out at all for 100 days and only eat these garlic and wormwood during that period, I will change you to a human."
The bear and the tiger promised they will do so and went in to the cave.

After weeks and weeks, the tiger began to get tired of waiting so long without any hint of light and just eating bitter foods. Finally, even though the bear tried persuade him back, the tiger ran out to the fresh world and departured.

The bear now became even more lonely, but still endured the pain and waited.

On the 100th day, the bear came out of the cave and surprisingly found out that it was not a bear anymore. The bear transformed into a beautiful woman, and Hwan-ung named her Ung-nyo, which means 'bear woman' in Korean. Although the tiger was jealous about the Ung-nyo's transformation, he could not do anything about it.

Later Hwan-ung and Ung-nyo married and had a son, Dan-kun, who eventually becomes the first king in the real Korean History.
I think this legend is based on real events. They for example, the part about bear turning into a woman is just symbolizing an event in history like maybe forming of another country-just my guess.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Welcome greeting

(I changed it.)
The last subject was super difficult for me to right stuff and it almost blasted my poor brains, so I'm practically sort of going to write a big mess ball with my opinion of this, opinion of that, and so on. My image of my blog is an attic full of whatevers. You people are always welcome to visit this silly mess any time you want. ^^