Saturday, October 17, 2009


Dear Via,
Music is wonderful, don't you think?
Our life can become so much beautiful with some good music.
Today, I played flute in the orchestra I go to once a week.
Today, we played as guest to a piano concert, and I think we did fairly well.
The music we played was the tango in the movie "Scent of a Women", and a song called "Between Calm and Passion".
I felt as though I was becoming hypothized by the music, in to an imaginary place such as an outer space filled with tiny, sparkling dust, or a fancy dancing hall for nobles.
I feel that music played well can effect a person's heart and emotion.
While I was waiting for my turn in today's performance, I could liston to the people who played the piano.
Of all the pieces I heard, One particular music touched me in a special way. Sadly, I do not remember the name of the music(I WILL try to find out later).
The music had a grave, and if I were to specify it as a color, grayish-brown but somewhat playful tone.
It felt as a comical tragedy to me.
It was special because I think of life as a comical tragedy.

Anyways, (I was going off-topic ;;) I believe good music played with emotions and passion into them can even make the listeners filled up with whatever the message it's appealing.

Actually, I so-tired now so I'll go sleep for now. Night!

p.s. By the way, one of the song we played was this:
Al Pachino-Scent of a Woman
here's the video

Thanks to this site for the picture

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