Thursday, September 17, 2009


Semtember 17, 2009

Dear Via,
Everybody faces difficulties.
I know that.
I face some difficulties too.
Everything just doesn't go the way you want and later you end up in a totally opposite place from where you wanted to be.
Decisions after decisions, it rolls down like a small snow ball rolling down a snowy mountain and getting bigger and bigger.
Scary, uh-huh.
It makes your life, eventually, according to what we learn in morality, and I agree.
It's just that you have to consider lots of things when making those decisions and mostly, they are not made purely by you.
Society always limits what you can do to yourself, and you practically suffocate in it.
I think I'm going to suffocate.
Life should be filled with joy.
Life should be filled with happiness and delight pouring out from every fiber in your body.
Sadly, it is almost entirely impossible for many many people...or is it just me?
De-pression, as Taylor and I(from now on I'm going to call 'Taylor and I' 'Sailor') always say.
I totally feel depressed -_-
Lack of enthusiam..
As Sailor al-ways say.
Life doesn't go my way(sigh)


Alisha Stafford Feitosa said...

I felt like that a lot in junior high and high school, but I found that things got better as I got older, found a summer job, started doing more things outside of my small high school, and then went to college.

It's not all completely perfect, I still have to make decisions based on other people and society's expectations, but you'll have more freedom and power soon, I promise. =)

P.S. I just started reading a book, Ishmael by Daniel Quinn, that I think you might like.

Sally said...

Thanks Miss!
I will definetly check that book!^^