Friday, September 18, 2009

Queen Seon-duk

These days I am crazy about a Korean historic drama, Queen Seon-duk. This drama is about Queen Seon duk, who was the first queen in the whole Korean history, and her life story. The woman with the crown is the Queen Seon duk(Lee Yo-won).

Queen Seon duk, Duk-Man in the story, is a character who tries the best she can do for her goal and later on works for the benefit of the commoner.

Princess Duk man(later on Queen Seon duk) first decided to move against Mishil(the bad character-woman with the purple dress)when her twin sister princess Chun Myung (the pink dress) is accidently killed by Mishil.

Even though she is not my favorite character, I think she is a fairly likable person to get along with if Ihave as a friend.

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