Friday, February 5, 2010

I am experimenting on how many words will fit on the title space although right now it seems as though it will go on forever and I will be able to eve

n post it on the title space, but I guess I'm wrong because see, like this, I had to move down to the "post-writing" space.

Anyways, just a little experiment.

Okay the truth is I really didn't have anything to write about, so the purpose of this pointless glibbering is to eat up some space.
Our family computer, which is the only one in the household, is right now very, very sick.
It could not go to the hospital because it was the only one and I had homeworks to do with it, such as NOW.
I notice that my blog posts are getting shorter and shorter, and the contents in it is getting out of focus continously.
My original topic is dead.
So it goes.

These days I'm sort of crazy about the Sa-bang-shin(4-direction-god, if you translate it).
The East God is a blue dragon,(靑龍)
The West God is a white tiger,(白虎)
The South God is a Flame-red bird(朱雀)
And the North God is a black turtle+snake(玄武)


Anonymous said...

well...I really enjoy ur blog! um... see ya tomorrow!

Alisha Stafford Feitosa said...

I do, too. And I appreciate the reference to Slaughterhouse Five. :)

ViaPyon said...

Thanks!!! I really enjoyed slaughterhouse five, esp. the quotes!!^^