Saturday, January 30, 2010


Dear Via,

During the vacation, I watched the movie "Avatar".
It wasn't out of my will, actually.
My impression of the movie before I saw it was negative, because I did not like the way the Na'vi people looked.
It was my friend who half-dragged me to the movie theater and got the 3D ticket for the movie.
And then I saw it.
It was the best movie I saw out of my WHOLE life.
The only word I could say after the movie was "wow".
Later I read from a news that it became the most successful and profitable movie, also during the shortest time.
It deserves the title.
Here's the reason why I liked the movie:
1.The graphics were SD realistic.(SD* super duper)
2.It made ME want to go inside(?)an avatar myself.
-The idea of flying is so irresistible.
-The Na'vi tribe is powerful with strenght much more than human.
3.The story line was satisfying.
...something like that.
Any ways, the movie was fantastic!!

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