Sunday, May 2, 2010

Child of the Winter

These days, I'm in to a novel called "The Children of the Rune".
It's a Korean fantasy novel, separated in to two parts: 1st-Winterer, and the 2nd-Demonic.
The main character of the Winterer is called Boris Jineman, who is the bearer of Winterer of the Winterbottom Kit.
Winterer is a sword also called Winter Sword, that makes pair with an armor called Snow Guard. Because it has immense powers, it is stated that the sword lures in disaster to the bearer.
Boris's family was massacred all except Boris because of the Winter Bottom Kit, and Boris's older brother, Yevgnen died with the Snow guard, taking it away from the material world.
With all his family dead, Boris, who is only a 10 year old at the time, tries to stay alive with the sword, which is his brother's asset to him.
He is practically my favorite character from the whole novel, because he doesn't have alot of emotion expressed on his face.
Also, I think he has a bit of a brother complex.

Here's a picture of him with Winterer:

The second series, Deomic, is about a boy called Joshua Von Arnim, who is a Demonic(Demonic- devil's, devil-like, possesses dark charms, genius). In the family of the Armims, there has been Geniuses, called Demonic, appearing generation after generation. They were all very geniuses, but most of them died young or didn't have a very good end, so it became common to say "cursed demonics".


However, he is NOT my favorite character in Demonic. My favorite character in Demonic is actually Maximin Leafkune, who is the best friend of Joshua.
He plays the Violin, wears glasses, loves money(he is the first out of 7 children, and he raised his younger sisters and brothers all by himself in a very very poor family-no parents), loves to drink(...), and always takes care of Joshua, whom he calls an 'angelic'(opposite of Demonic, which means genius).


There are many other characters that I would've liked to introduce in this blog, but than, the information is so vast that nobody who hasn't read the novel would understand.

I'll give you pictures of them any ways:

Lanziee Rosenkranz- a boy who dreams for a republic(a very politician type of boy)

Lucian Kaltz- wealthy merchant's son(is a bit stupid-in my opinion but cute)

The main characters in the novel:

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