Friday, May 21, 2010

Cool inventions

Well, since there's only two posts left till the end, I'll just write about whatever.
[funny inventions]
1.Butter stick

This will be easy to handle the butter with, don't you think? ^▽^
The butter won't dirty your hand!

2.Weight-measuring chopping board

A perfect tool for cooks!
This way, I will be able to cook with out having to use the measuring cup!

3.Washing bicycle

Mothers, listen up!! here's a perfect way for you to exercise and do your house work!
(my mom just refused it ㄱ-)

4.Pocket lamp

You could put it in the wallet and it will just turn on when you hold the bulb up.

5.Book cover

The inventor's intention was 'for people who can't sleep'
I think that I would be good if you could choose what book you want to read and if it had many books covers.

6.Color Water Tap

It was created by HANSA and it changes the color according to the temperature of the water.
When it is red, it's hot, purple=mild water, and blue for clod water.
I would have to touch the cold water on a cold day if we had this tap. ㅠㅅㅜ

7.Writing toast

It would be a great way to send messages to your family.
For example, if mom and dad fought each other last night, they could write there messages on each other's toasts!>▽<

8.Milk for Daddies

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!>▽ㅠI haven't laughed in a while.
Now feeding the babies are not only the mother's duties!

9.Weather Umbrella

This umbrella access to internet(wireless) and tells you today's weather(like if it's going to rain or not)by the light on the handle.
Oh, you SO need this in Sao paulo, it rains so annoying.


Alisha Stafford Feitosa said...

Ha! These are great. I would totally use a butter stick, and I also liked the bike and toaster. (Though the cutting board looks useful and I sort of like the looks of the book cover.) How much are these gadgets? And where can I go buy them? ;)

Handmade Club Picta said...

That's great I like them all. smart things.